Premium CBD Topicals

Our premium topical CBD products contain the finest ingredients and are specially formulated to support health that goes beyond skin deep. Centered’s Soothe (Cooling Lotion) is ideal for those wanting both luxuriously hydrated skin and a deep cooling sensation ideal for tired/sore muscles. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated release of additional CBD topicals.

Uses for
CBD Topicals

In ancient times concoctions of Cannabis and honey flowers were used to ease the pain during childbirth. In countries like China and certain regions of Europe, Cannabis Poultice and other topical remedies were applied to heal wounds. Aside from oral consumption among individuals, it is now widely used in the form of a topical in a variety of products in the present era.
In addition to this, CBD Topicals bring a myriad of benefits to the table. Let’s dive deeper into these benefits:
Cannabinoids are powerful antioxidants that offer a plethora of CBD oil benefits for the skin. Antioxidants have been shown to prevent cell deterioration and bodily damage caused by free radicals. Due to these anti-inflammatory properties, CBD topicals have become an essential part of beauty products and cosmetics. Not only this, they are generally found in night creams and moisturizers, face masks and lotions.

Acne Control

Did you know that 9.4% of the global population is struggling with Acne, making it the 8th most prevalent skin condition in the world?
Research indicates that non-psychotropic CBD helps to regulate excessive oil production from the skin’s pores. The antiseptic properties of the CBD compound make it one of the most preferred choices for acne skincare.

Pain Relief

No matter how mild or intense the pain is, a CBD Topical is an excellent pain reliever. The product is not only anti-inflammatory but is analgesic as well. Several patients in various studies have reported that CBD topicals have helped with mitigating their pain just as effectively (if not more effectively) than opioid medication without the harmful side-effects.


Whether you are struggling with a minor sprain, infection, or burn, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD work well to provide a steady relief from pain. Topical CBD oil has been shown to be just as effective at minimizing pain as certain over-the-counter and opioid medications without any of the potential harmful side-effects. Below is the list of conditions that CBD topicals, such as Centered Soothe (Cooling Lotion), have been used for.
  1. Sprains and Strains: Get a cooling pain relief from sprains & strains with a few applications of Centered Soothe (Cooling Lotion).
  2. Insect bites: insect bites can be itchy and irritating but CBD topical can prevent the irritation by keeping the skin moisturized.
  3. Joint pain: Get rid of joint pains due to chronic conditions, accidents, and other medical issues.
  4. Muscle pain: Had a heavy day at the gym? Give your muscles the deep, soothing relaxation from Centered Soothe (Cooling Lotion).
  5. Bruises and burns: Our cooling lotion can keep your sun burns cool and promote a quick, hydrating healing process.
Where can you find optimal quality CBD topicals for sale? Explore Centered and our catalog of premium CBD products and topicals. 
Soothe (Cooling Lotion)
Suffering from joint pains, arthritis, overworked muscles, dry/itchy skin? Enjoy the numerous benefits CBD has on your skin and joints with Centered Soothe (Cooling Lotion).


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Asked Questions

Do CBD products contain THC?

CBD products are usually kept THC-free to keep the products non-psychoactive. But even if it contains traces of THC, they are still kept to a minimum. The amount is kept so low that it hardly leaves an impact over any individual.

Is CBD the only cannabinoid in the hemp plant?

No. Hemp plants contain both CBD & THC along with approximately 540 other compounds. The primary cannabinoid is CBD since it’s found more than THC in hemp.

What are the benefits of using CBD topically?

A lot of speculation over how topical CBD works and what its benefits are, are making rounds on the internet. Recent studies show that CBD topicals can provide you with a deep cleansing of dermal and subdermal skin layers. It activates the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which creates sensations for both pain receptors and pleasure centers. As soon as cell receptors in our skin, muscle tissue, and/or nerves bind with CBD, it alleviates inflammation/pain and promotes the pleasure centers. There is a lot to be researched in terms of the detailed benefits of CBD topicals, but studies have shown that it can be helpful in acute joint inflammation.

Where can I find a good, reliable CBD oil?

Not all CBD oils are the same. To ensure that you have the best quality CBD oil, make sure the manufacturing process is carried out with the U.S. Hemp Roundtable. Centered focuses on delivering the highest quality CBD oil by partnering with the right people and companies. In being meticulous with our partners, we have successfully maintained the highest standards of CBD oil manufacturing in the industry.

How much do CBD oil products cost?

In the last few years the CBD market has rapidly grown and is increasing in popularity like never before. While the cost of CBD oil depends on several key factors such as the amount of THC it contains, how much CBD is in the product, whether it has been third party lab tested, and even if it comes with USDA Organic Certification. You can also determine how effective a CBD oil is based on it’s pricing as well. The old phrase, “You pay for what you get,” is something that we’ve noticed holds true within the industry. Centered products are highly effective, are third party lab tested for purity/potency and are also USDA Organic Certified with pricing starting around $30.

How To Use CBD Oil For Pain?

The natural compounds from cannabis plants are not shown to cause a psychoactive effect if there is no amount of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol present, which is why Topical CBD has been providing relief for people with chronic pain. Specially, CBD oil can help reduce:
  • Inflammation
  • Pain (Back, joint, muscular, etc.)
  • Discomfort from a number of health conditions
People with chronic pain who rely on opioids have been able to transition to CBD oil products with the same amount of relaxation and pain relief without the risk of addiction or negative side effects. The only CBD product with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval, Epidiolex is a prescription drug for epilepsy. While many products are not FDA-approved, Centered products are third party lab tested for purity and many of our products are also USDA Organic Certified. Reap the potential benefits of CBD oil for chronic pain.

Should I use a tincture or a topical product?

When you are new to CBD, choosing between different CBD products can be a complicated process. Even with such a growing popularity, people have lack of education regarding CBD and they often fail to figure out what’s right for them, oil tinctures or topical cream. To determine which CBD product you should use, first answer the following:
  • What ailments do you need help with?
  • How often do these ailments show up?
  • Are you okay with a trace amount of THC?
Most potential benefits are similar across tinctures and topicals but once you have answers to these questions, you can follow the guide below to determine your choice or you can take our quiz to find the right product for you.

Ailments you want to get rid of and their frequency.

Irregular Body Aches and Pains

Many people face irregular headaches, back aches, joint pain or body aches. Since tinctures are usually recommended for regular usage, we recommend using topical lotions such as Soothe from Centered. Irregular aches are usually due to muscle soreness and Soothe gives you a deep penetrating relief with a gentle cooling feeling for those pesky pains.

Overall Wellness and Every Day Healing

If you struggle every day due to a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression, or if you just want to work on your overall wellness, it’s better to use any one of our tinctures. Most of our customers also pair their tinctures with our Comfort CBD Gummies for a tasty addition to their daily routines.

Why is CBD oil taken under the tongue?

Taking CBD oil under the tongue is known as the sublingual method among CBD admirers. Placing liquids under the tongue allows the cannabinoids to rapidly traverse into your bloodstream directly through the blood vessels present under your tongue. Since the area under your tongue is capillary-rich, the sublingual method is one of the fastest ways to avoid the liver and stomach and get CBD directly into your bloodstream.

What are the benefits of using CBD topically?

CBD is hydrophobic as well as lipophilic, meaning it is attracted to oils and fats and not attracted to water. This is why most benefits from topical CBD are skin, joint and muscle based. For instance, if you spent a hard day at the gym and ended up with sore muscles, using CBD topically will bring you instant relief by working from the outside-in. CBD in general is effective in managing pain since the entire cannabis plant is rich from dozens of cannabidiols including the two primary ones THC and CBD. Topical CBD can help you reduce inflammation and improve your skin appearance, elasticity and glow overall.