For those who are new to hemp-based products, welcome. There are probably millions of questions that are running through your mind. Perhaps none is more prominent than “how does CBD make you feel?” The CBD market is expected to rake in around $22 billion each year 2022. Knowing this, companies are making a number of unique hemp-based products. CBD is popping up in everything from lotions to toothpaste to dog treats. So, let’s give you the scoop about how you can expect to feel.

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Will CBD Get You High?

Hemp vs. Marijuana Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Hemp is a member of the cannabis family; however, it doesn’t have the same molecular structure as its cousin marijuana. Just as you behave differently than your family members, hemp and marijuana have differing effects. Marijuana is a female cannabis plant. Due to its molecular structure, the plant produces an abundance of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is shown to have a psychoactive effect on the system. Marijuana doesn’t have a high concentration of CBD unless it is specifically bred for this quality. On the other side, hemp has an abundance of cannabidiol (CBD). This male plant of the cannabis family contains low concentrations of THC. Under federal law, all industrial hemp must test for 0.3% THC or less. Due to its low levels, those who use CBD products from hemp shouldn’t experience any psychoactive side effects. At Centered, we strive to avoid any of this confusion. We ensure all members of the family can use our products, including children and pets, by removing nearly all THC from our products except for the legally acceptable level. Therefore, you can use Centered CBD products with peace of mind. For those with any concerns about THC concentrations, check the lot number on the bottom of your Centered product. That number corresponds with your product’s lab report. All lab reports are posted on our website. All you need to do is type in your lot number. From there, you can see any active ingredients that were detected prior to bottling and shipping to your door. Millions are turning to CBD because individual particles within the plant mirror similar particles that our system produces. Within the hemp plant, there are 113 known compounds called cannabinoids. Early research suggests that these cannabinoids mimic the endogenous compounds our system produces known as endocannabinoids. Both hemp and human-produced cannabinoids play a pivotal role in how the endocannabinoid system functions. Comprehending the functions of the endocannabinoid system will help you gain a sense of what to expect when you use CBD for the first time.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

Throughout our body are receptors. These receptors have minuscule hairs that survey the lay of the land. Any sign of imbalance and the nerve endings on these receptors send messages throughout the system. Depending on what the message is, and the location of the receptor, the mind will interpret the message and its threat level. Based on this analysis, it will manifest symptoms that may impede on our everyday lives. Any time our body encounters what it considers to be an imbalance, its instinct is to release endocannabinoids into the system. These endocannabinoids seek out the distraught receptors. Enzymes in the system help break down the endocannabinoids so that they are activated to influence the cannabinoid receptors. This chemical reaction ultimately changes the communication from the distressed receptors back to the brain. As we age, endocannabinoid production starts to slow down. There are several reasons for these changes that include poor diet, prescriptions or health-related issues. That’s why many people are finding support and balance with CBD products.

How Does it Feel to Use CBD?

CBD and Relaxation

Now that you understand CBD’s relationship to your body, you can start to wrap your head around how it will make you feel, but the answer is still quite complicated. After all, feelings are subjective. The way CBD makes you feel is as unique as the reasons you decided to try it. The type of CBD product you use can also alter the experience. Let’s take a look at some of these scenarios.

CBD to Support Calm

Some of the most popular uses for CBD are when people are out in public, have to make a big presentation or deal with a big decision. When using CBD to calm down, they often describe it as a temporary relief from their problems. If you are someone who replays scenarios over in your head, after taking CBD during a stressful moment, you might notice that you’re not fixated on the situation as much. Instead, you might find yourself more focused on whatever activity you are doing in the present!

CBD for Sleep

One of the reasons Centered was created was because Stephanie, the founder, was looking for both an all-natural sleep aid as well as something that would help her manage her anxiety.  We know firsthand that missing one too many nights of sleep can hinder productivity, beat down your immune system and transform you into quite the cranky pants. Sleep & Insomnia For Stephanie, using broad spectrum hemp extract helped her quiet her mind and get ready for sleep at the end of the day. That’s one of the many reasons why she decided to create her own line of products. She experienced firsthand the support CBD can offer in regulating sleep patterns.

CBD for Energy

CBD is all about balance. In some cases, it can help you sleep; in others, it may support your focus and energy. Whether you need a midday pick-me-up, a boost in the gym or some brainpower for studying, CBD brings the support. We use broad spectrum CBD oil in our coffee and energy drinks. Just add any of the Centered CBD Tinctures to your favorite coffee or energy drink and you’ll be on your way. You’ll notice a little extra pep in your step with the wide range of micronutrients in our formula. From B-vitamins to amino acids to broad spectrum hemp extract, this is an energy drink you can feel good about.

CBD for Post-Workout Recovery

Working out puts a lot of wear and tear on our muscles, leaving us sore. For those who struggle to get out of bed the day after exercising, CBD may be able to come to the rescue. One of the most effective ways to support post-workout recovery is by using Centered Soothe Cooling Lotion. Along with sleep issues, shoulder discomfort and joint pain was the other catalyst for the founders to seek out CBD products. In addition to broad spectrum hemp extract, they also noticed that curcumin, a compound found in turmeric, helped to deal with chronic joint pain/issues. That’s why they decided to combine these two beneficial ingredients when crafting their new formula.

CBD for Beauty

We all want to feel good and most of us want to look good too. For some, looking your best is part of feeling your best. Many are seeing great results by adding hemp care into their beauty regimen. Our skin is a clear indicator of how we’re feeling inside. This glimpse inside is made possible due to the skin’s endocannabinoid system. There are also cannabinoid receptors throughout the body’s largest organ. That’s why CBD is popping up in many beauty products. As you can see, there are many ways to customize your beauty routine to incorporate CBD. If you want to feel good about the health of your skin, CBD may lend the support you are looking for.

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

MembershipYou can read about other peoples’ experiences all day long. Truth is, you’ll never know how CBD makes you feel until you try it yourself. We are all unique. We hope that, when you try CBD, you experience a feeling of joy, wellness and peace of mind.

CBD for Enhanced Mental Performance

Mental illness has grown to be very common – about 1 in every 4 adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a year. It could vary – one may feel a change in emotion, or different in the way they think, or find a pattern in their behavior. Many of us do not have full-fledged mental illness and suffer from episodes of mental concerns such as anxiety, stress, or difficulty in processing difficult emotions. Until now, we were advised to take pharmaceutical drugs that can have terrible side effects. With consistent and medically prescribed use of CBD, we can work on the symptoms of mental health issues. It can also treat post-traumatic stress disorder. If you are someone struggling with mental health, CBD can boost the process of enhancing your mental performance.

CBD for Neurological Disorders

Now that we know CBD has the ability to act on the endocannabinoid system, it opens the door to neurological disorder treatment too. Epilepsy is treated through anti-epileptic drugs ( AEDs ), and multiple sclerosis has no defined cure but only meds to reduce the progression of the disease. Studies show that with the use of CBD, people with sclerosis showed reduced muscle spasticity and epileptic people proved a reduction in seizures. Our scientists have also found it to be effective for Dravet syndrome, a complex childhood epilepsy disorder. All of this only when we are at the beginning stages of the experiments – imagine the results as researchers go deeper into studies.

CBD for Nausea

You know how when we are all excited to go for a road trip, and nausea hits us out of nowhere ruining our mood? CBD can help you ditch that feeling of sickness. All you have to do is pop a Centered CBD gummy into your mouth and chew it slowly during your journey. The effects of CBD will kick in in about an hour, and you can enjoy your ride trouble-free. It also works when you are out in the water on a boat and feel motion sickness. A lot of medications, such as cancer drugs also trigger nausea. It can reduce the patient’s appetite and affect its physical strength to fight the disease. CBD plays an important role here and prevents the patient from vomiting.

CBD for Chronic Pain

Around half of the older adult population lives with inflammatory diseases that cause them chronic pain. In comparison to the traditional pain relievers, CBD is proving to be a compelling alternative for pain management. CBD interacts with the internal endocannabinoids, hence affecting the brain’s pain and inflammation response. A restricted amount of Centered CBD oil regularly can help in relieving the physical pain caused by chronic diseases such as arthritis and joint pain.

CBD for Skin Conditions

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions. The reason behind their visit can be several – genetics, bacteria, underlying inflammation, or the overproduction of sebum. The acne pop-ups and marks not only make us feel bad but they are painful too for some people. CBD can be helped here. Centered CBD oil can treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce sebum production. Sebum is nothing but natural oil. However, when it is produced in excessive amounts, it can lead to pimples. Regular use of CBD oil can help them clear fast.

CBD for Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and heart attacks are the leading causes of death in old and middle-aged people. Such events often happen because of high blood pressure. CBD has proven to be a promising alternative to medicines to lower blood pressure and keep the heart healthy. Since it has anxiety-relieving and stress-free effects, CBD contributes to keeping blood pressure in check. There are also studies that state it can lower cardiac inflammation and prevent the death of related cells.

CBD for Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction to substances such as heroin and morphine are the worst. Apart from the damage they cause to our body, drugs affect various brain circuits. It causes people to develop a dependency on drugs resulting in high addiction. CBD repairs the damage by fixing those brain circuits so that the person can try to quit. The same happens with older adults, except that there are medical drugs involved. Illnesses that require continuous medication for long periods build toleration. As a result, when the treatment gets over, some patients show withdrawal symptoms and cannot resist giving in to their addiction. CBD can help in combating such developed dependencies and even assist in fighting the relapse episodes.

CBD for Bones

As we grow old, our bones start to become more fragile and vulnerable. This puts them at the risk of breaking. Therefore, most seniors get chronic pain in their bones. They are also vulnerable to get fractures in case they fall. Living like this is a challenge, but if you use CBD – your life can get a lot easier. Along with pain relief, CBD promotes cell repair and strengthens bones. Moreover, recent studies suggest that CBD can increase the ability of your body to heal. Get your parents or grandparents Centered CBD oil to help them get stronger bones

CBD for Appetite

As people tune into their senior citizen age from their middle-age, they begin to feel a lot of changes in their bodies. One of the most unfortunate ones is lack of appetite. It results in unnecessary and unwanted weight loss, muscle and tissue weakness, and other health issues. In times of illness, since the body is under-fed, it doesn’t support as much. Appetite loss can also be a result of medications. According to studies, CBD can stimulate appetite in people who consume it daily at a consistent dose. Along with the seniors, anyone combating malnutrition of any adult age can benefit from CBD. Consulting with your doctors first is always recommended.

So How Does CBD Make You Feel?

With Centered, you can experiment with different edible CBD products and choose for yourself what works the best for you. Our tropical flavors are delightful – do pay a visit to our website to get your hands on organic, additive-free CBD products.