The Centered Story

Centered was created with a clear initiative: to develop industry leading, premium CBD products through innovation and excellence, in order to help women around the world who suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and sleeplessness/insomnia.
Our founder; Stephanie has spent her life battling anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia which started at a young age.  From an early age she was subjected to numerous pharmaceuticals, one after the other as well as cognitive behavioral therapy in order to try and quiet the anxiety storms that her mind created.
Over the years she made solid head-way overcoming bouts of agoraphobia and taming the anxious thoughts that made her feel like a prisoner.  She even accomplished one of her lifelong dreams of escaping to a tropical destination, relaxing in the warm summer sun on a beach that described as “paradise.”
It’s of no surprise that Stephanie’s accomplishments have not only come from her strong will and determination, but were also aided by the use of CBD.
Now the married mother of 3 has entered into a new stage in her life, wanting to help all the women out there who have long suffered from the same ailments that once controlled her life.  Her mission: help others so that they too can center their lives; living to their fullest potential.
When Stephanie started Centered she saw that the emerging CBD industry was vastly overpriced and quickly becoming saturated with inferior products and false advertising. This inspired her strong belief that you, the people, have a right to high-quality, fair-priced, U.S. grown, lab tested, hemp-derived, CBD products.  So, Stephanie set out on a mission to locate the premier resources needed for US sourced CBD products, awareness and education.
Her thirst for knowledge and passion for sharing it led to the creation of the Ultimate Guide to CBD.  Her collection of resources and comprehensive history of CBD outlines the journey of cannabis use and it’s benefits dating all the way back to 6000 B.C. and continuing to today.  Since it’s release, Stephanie’s Ultimate Guide to CBD has been spurring a massive change across the nation and inspiring consumers to really think about alternative, holistic and more natural methods of wellness when helping with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and sleeplessness/insomnia.
After the development of the Ultimate Guide to CBD, Stephanie continued her mission of developing Centered.
Today, everyone involved with Centered, from everyone on the team to our loyal customer base have all been directly (and positively) impacted by CBD and we all work hard together to spread the word.  At Centered, our work is fueled by our passionate customers who share their stories with us and with Stephanie daily. 
Together with your help, we can all help prove that CBD isn’t just a buzzword or a trend, but a healthy way of life that should be explored by anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or sleeplessness/insomnia.
And, thanks to you, Centered has become one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most cost-effective brands in the CBD marketplace for those looking to center their lives and take control. 
Our promise to you is  to strive to continue to be a leader in the industry and help everyone we can who suffers from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and sleeplessness/insomnia.  We’ll continue to do this through our incredible product line up and with your help – by sharing the #CenteredLife movement.

Why Buy Centered?

At Centered, we place high value quality and transparency.  Stephanie wanted to make sure that when you purchase CBD from Centered, the process is easy with our new labels that clearly display the CBD content in each of our products as well as information that provides extensive insight into what CBD is and what each product does for you.  She also wanted to make sure that everyone would be able to see the third-party laboratory test results to confirm that the CBD products you select meets regulatory requirements.
Centered also follows stringent industry guidelines set forth by the FDA and Stephanie even went the extra mile by gaining certification from the USDA that all CBD tinctures we create are 100% organic
With so many CBD companies emerging on a seemingly daily basis, it can be challenging to verify and trust the quality, potency or amount of CBD in your products.  Stephanie wanted to make sure that with Centered, you had a name you could trust that always delivered the highest quality, organic CBD right to your doorstep.

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